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The Bachelor of Science in Criminology or Criminal Justice is a 4 year college degree program intended for individuals who wish to have a career in the field of Law Enforcement, Security Administration, Crime Detection and Prevention or Correctional Administration.

The BS in Criminology program aims to foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability, and responsibility while serving fellowmen, community and the country. The course is comprised of CHED mandated general education subjects, professional- related courses and 2 phase practicum. BS Criminology students will learn various theories, policies, practices and Laws associated with criminal behavior and the methods applied to manage such deviant activities.

The course include Criminalistics subjects such as, police photography, forensic ballistics, Fingerprint, forensic toxicology, polygraphy, and legal medicine. The course also offers special physical education classes which include martial arts, First aid, survival training, marksmanship and combat shooting.


To produce professionally competent and morally upright graduate who can deliver efficient, effective service in crime prevention, crime detection, investigation, law enforcement, custody and rehabilitation of law offenders.


The department of Criminology is envisioned to produce quality and competitive graduate equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of law enforcement administration in addressing the problems of the country, it endeavors to equip students with the competence to meet the challenge of globalization in the field of Criminology.



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Criminology is a profession. A graduate of BS criminology who passed the Criminologist licensure examination is called a Criminologist. A criminologist job includes practice in the field of Law Enforcement as an agent, adviser or administrator, as a technician in Dactyloscopy, ballistics and other scientific aspect of crime detection, as an officer in any correctional and penal institution, as a counselor in various agencies such as those involved in criminal research or public welfare, or as a teacher/instructor of criminology subjects in universities/ colleges.


1. To foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability and

    responsibility while serving their fellowmen community and country.

2. To prepare the students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement,

    scientific crime detection and correctional administration.

3. To encourage students to research and inquiry on the nature, causes,

    treatment or punishment of criminal behavior and how criminal justice

    agencies respond to crime, criminals and victims.

4. To instill in the minds of the students the values of service to humanity

    and country.

5. To prepare the students to become effective, efficient leaders exhibiting a

    sense of responsibility, accountability, integrity, high moral values, fear

    of god and service to his country men through academic excellence.


1. To create a dynamic classroom environment and provide adequate

    facilities, equipment and laboratory apparatus to enhance instruction.

2. To have adequate proficiency and technical knowledge in the fields of


3. To have adequate knowledge of the organization and operation of law

    enforcement agencies.

Philippine Military Academy @ CdK (Aug 16, 2017)

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